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Introducing SuperScore
SuperScore is an interactive musical application from TimeWarp Technologies. The application provides a unique platform for the sale, distribution, and consumption of electronic musical scores and is current available for free on the iPad.

SuperScore files are a unique file type that are comprised of MusicXML and MIDI data. This means that industry-standard music notation programs and sequencers can be used to create the scores and recordings that comprise a SuperScore file. As a result, a SuperScore file contains music display and performance data that is musically meaningful and thus lends itself to interactivity.

SuperScore files are also protected by a digital rights management system that does not encumber the user.

Using SuperScore with Technology-Equipped Pianos

(Click the thumbnail to play the video)

SuperScore is an application for desktop and portable computers as well as mobile devices. It can be used by itself, with a Bluetooth footpedal and any non-MIDI piano or other non-MIDI instrument, a MIDI keyboard, or a technology-equipped acoustic piano.

This video presents the program specifically with a technology-equipped acoustic piano.